Review: Lush stuff from the #LDNxmasbloggermeet

So being an aspiring blogger I like to attend as many places where bloggers are as I can. This weekend I attended the #ldnxmasbloggermeet organised by the lovely Emma from The Daisy Chain. Similar to TOWIB but slightly more chilled, I made my way down with my blog partners in crime Lucy Boots and Annabel and a gay time was had by all!

Now I could only stay for about an hour as I had flat draaams to attend to but I reckon I was there for the best bit and that was a talk from Sarah on the Lush Xmas range and hero products. We also got a cheeky goodie bag which I was of course over the moon about as who doesn’t love free stuff.

If you don’t know about Lush it’s a British beauty/skincare/bath & body brand who specialise in completely natural products. Now I’ll be honest, I’ve never been a huuuuge fan of Lush despite never trying their products which I know is an awful thing to do, especially as a blogger, just write off a brand, but all I think about with them is bath bombs that make a massive, dusty mess and the overwhelming smell that attacks you as you walk past the store. Needless to say these two have always put me off…until now. So I’m not entirely converted, but, some of the products in the goody bag I really, really like and am so happy I got them as they are definite potential re-purchases.

So it all came in this ‘Lush’ bag

Lush cosmetics

Lush cosmetics

And here’s what’s inside. Clockwise: Golden Wonder Bath Ballastic, Superstar bubble barSnow Fairy shower gel, Chilli Tingle lip tint, Celebrate lip tint, Pow Wow lip exfoliator.

Golden Wonder Bath Ballastic £3.25

Lush Golden wonder bath ballastic

Lush Golden wonder bath ballastic

These products are the reason I thought I hated Lush, and I stand by that, I do hate bath bombs! This one literally started to fall apart as soon as I picked it up, it goes everywhere, the gold comes off onto your hands and they are just soooo messy.  I think they’re supposed to make your bath water look jazzy but unfortunately if it’s as messy in the bath as it is on my hands I will never find out. Perhaps a secret santa gift?

 Superstar bubble bar £2.25

Lush Superstar bubble bar

I’m assuming this is some kind of solid bubble bath, again I think it’s supposed to make your bath quite jazzy,  I would love to give this a go but I only really take showers, and if you saw the bath at my flat you wouldn’t wanna sit in it either! So I will reserve this for a treat when I’m back at the mothers and can bathe safe in the knowledge I won’t catch anything!

Snow Fairy shower gel £3.25 for 100g

Lush snow fairy shower gel

Lush snow fairy shower gel

I think this is one of their best selling shower gels around the festive period and I can see why.  This candyfloss smelling, shimmery pot of goodness is a great gift for any self confessed girly girl.  There’s a slight bluey shimmer to it and for the price is such a cute twist on quite a boring hygiene essential!

And now for the products I really like!

Chilli Tingle lip tint and Celebrate lip tint £4.75

Lush chilli tingle lip tint

I’ll start with the Chilli. I really like the colour, it’s a perfect warm red/orange/gold tone and the best part is it can be used on cheeks or lips, dual action, my fav! The perfect hue for a warm wintery flush! My only gripe is due to the fact it’s call Chilli Tingle I was really looking forward to it being like the Sexy Motherpuckers of the world and creating that fizzy, lip plumping, Jolie effect, but it doesn’t, not one tiny tingle, which is fine but if that’s what your in the market for, stick to Soap and Glory.

Lush Celebrate lip tint

The Celebrate lip tint is a baby pink tint with a slight gold shimmer. The flecks on top are ‘popping candy’ but if your expecting some kind of popping effect it won’t happen. I’m not entirely sure what the point of this popping candy is as it neither pops nor dissolves, just sits on your lips so you end up having to wipe it off anyway. Having said that the product is lovely, really moisturising and a great natural pink tone for winter days. Like the Chilli Tingle you can also use this on your cheeks, I can imagine it would be to die for on a cute little blonde, like Amelia Lily off X Factor!

Now for my absolute faaaav!

Pow Wow lip exfoliator £4.75

Lush pow wow lip scrub

Lush pow wow lip scrub

I don’t have much to say on this product except it is amazing! If you get dry skin on your lips then lip exfoliators need to be a permanent fixture in your make up bag, especially during the winter months.  I love wearing dark lipstick, but dark lipstick + dry flakey lips = not a good look!  This product reminds me of the first lip exfoliator I ever tried by Benefit, and I hasten to add the ONLY Benefit product I like, called Dr Feelgood. I don’t think they do this anymore though, they only do the Complexion balm which is actually fine with me now due to finding this gem! Especially since Benefit likes to charge about £23 and Pow wow is a hugely wallet friendly £4.75, and you get loads, it will easily last you all winter and beyond. So how does it work? The particles in this one are actually quite big so you really don’t need that much, just rub over your lips, buff off with a tissue et voila, smooth, kissable smackers! It’s also has a gorgeous, fresh lime scent along with rose hip oil, jojoba oil and argan oil it’s surprisingly soothing. Should I ever run out I will absolutely re-purchase…and there was me thinking I didn’t have that much to say!!

Do you love Lush? What’s your favourite product?

Until the next post!

Love, love, love

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