OOTD Inspired by: My So Called Life

So if you read my scrunchies post not only did I promise you an outfit including these velvet delights, I also said I would just bring you just more outfits in general, and here is the first of many!!

Anyone that knows me knows one thing…I love the 90s, not just because it’s bubbling up to make its first comeback in the fashion cycle, but because I grew up in the 90s and I genuinely believe it was the the BEST decade to grow up in.  Moreover it is also home to my favourite teenage drama, although there’s been some great contenders since then, Dawson’s Creek, The OC, Buffy, nothing, for me, has topped My So Called Life. From the perfect grunge styling to the dreamy personification of every girls first crush in Jordan Catalano, ‘Don’t you love how he leans?’ this show to me is teenage angst at its very, very best.

And my absolute favourite character is Rayanne Graff, hedonistic, devil may care, grandmother of grunge, Rayanne, and this is who has predominantly inspired the outfit.

One key thing about this outfit, which you can’t actually see in the pics really! But it’s the lipstick.  This is my new favourite lipstick and it’s one I actually used to wear in the 90s! It’s Boots 17 lasting fix lipstick in Heatherberry which is like a shimmery reddy, purple colour.  I remember every single girl wearing this at school, if it wasn’t this it was Fudge Brownie by Rimmel! What’s great about rediscovering this lipstick though is not only do I love the colour but it’s actually great quality, really moisturising and goes on really nicely, defo a go-to for me this season.

And here’s the outfit…

It consists of - 

Crop roll neck top - American apparel

Checked shirt - eBay

Jeans - Guess @ Beyond Retro

Belt - Levi

Socks - M&S

Shoes - Dr Martens from eBay

Watch - Sekonda @ Argos

Rubber/shag bands - eBay

Necklace - vintage gold chain

Scrunchie - eBay

You like?

And before I leave you let’s just take a moment for Jared Leto at his finest…

Until the next post love, love, love

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