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Nail art has been steadily bubbling up the fashion Richter scale for the last few years. Originally privy to the markets of Tooting, Wembley and other London suburbs, it was young entrepreneur Sharmadean Reid that really helped bring this trend out from the back streets of London and onto the high streets of the West End.  

Now most of you are probably familiar with the WAH nails concept from its concession in Topshop as well as their involvement with the fashion elite, from PPQ and Marc Jacobs to Nike. But the whole concept of WAH, or We Ain’t Hoes as it stands for, comes from Sharmadean’s original concept of a blog and fanzine she created whilst attending Central Saint Martins, the concept of Hip Hop girls being intelligent, stylish and at the forefront of this fashion zeitgeist. And here’s some really geeky trivia for you, did you also know that Sharmadean appeared on the first series of Channel 4’s, The Salon?…OK now I ‘m really showing my age…as well as my perhaps unhealthy obsession with Sharmadean herself, yes I’ve been on this girl from day yeh?!

So anyways back to the point of the post, it was only a matter of time before the trend of getting your nails diiiiiiiiid with quirky alternatives to the standard french tips hit the highstreet.  First was Barry M with their shatter effects polish range, then we could bring the salon into our bedrooms with the WAH nails art pen for Model’s Own. And now the technology developing for creating original and interesting nail designs is at such a rate I’m literally buying new nail polishes every week to get the look by myself and wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without my nails done!

With that being said let me tell you about the three new nail trends I just can’t get enough off..Enjoy!

The Saturdays for Fashionista Magnetic Nail varnish

So unless you’ve been living under a rock, or perhaps just aren’t that interested in nails, you would be hard pressed to miss this current nail trend. Polish is applied and while wet a magnet is hovered over the top to create wave effects and dips in the colour of the polish.

Naturally I couldn’t wait to get this look going on so last Wednesday I rushed out to Superdrug and picked up two colours which were Molly and Frankie. Oddly enough not my favourite Saturdays…if you’re asking Vanessa! But I really loved their colours the most. Molly’s is purple and Frankie’s silver and I just felt like I warmed to these colours more than the rest, although the whole range is nice and I rather think I may just buy the whole lot!

Frankie’s left Molly’s right.

So how does this work I hear you cry?! 

So if you look at the top of the magnet you can see a small ledge, this is to help steady the magnet at the bass of your nail.  Now it’s not the easiest technique to apply and is quite timely, wacking this on just before you walk out the door is a big no no. Despite that the effect is great and if you can master not bashing your wet nails against the magnet, a lot harder than you think, it’s so worth spending the time doing it.

Molly’s purple

Frankie’s Silver

The polishes both start off as the lighter colour of each and it’s the darker tone that the magnet creates.  You can also have fun experimenting with using the magnet in different directions.

The Saturdays for Fashionista range is available at Superdrug.

Next we have the Gossip Girl range for Nails Inc.  This is slightly pricier, and when I say slightly I mean a lot at £20 for a set of two! But it is Nails Inc and their polishes are about £11 each anyway and I really do think the quality is good.  I’ve got ones that I’ve had for years and they are still as good as new with no ounce of gloop!

There are three sets to choose from, I had originally seen these posted on a blog and it was the Blair range that I really gravitated towards. So I snapped it up.  

So you get a base coat which is the darker colour and a top coat which is the glittery one, obvs.  Now I don’t know if this is actually as technically advanced as the magnetic nail polishes but I really do like the effect. I’m assuming the base coat affects the colour of the glitter as in this pack the base coat is a very dark green and the glitter goes between flashes of green and blue.

The base coat

The finished look.

As I said I’m not sure about how this works technically but the base coat is very thick and doesn’t smell like a regular nail varnish, well it does but there’s a slightly more chemically background if that makes sense! Either way I love this look, it’s that kind of space/galaxy inspired look that I’ve seen on a few other blogs and the finished coat is soft and smooth which I love as I find glittery nail varnishes are usually lumpy!

And finally my fav, well not my fav but the one I was most excited about, the Model’s Own Beetlejuice collection.

The concept of these is the two tone finishes, they look one colour in one light and another in another light and all inspired by probs one of THE best films of my childhood, Beetlejuice. I only ordered two colours at first which are the Golden Green and the Pinky Brown as I was unsure as to how they would look ‘in real life’. But upon receiving them I fell in love and have ordered the rest of the range…well you’ve gotta have the set really haven’t you!

Now my pictures DO NOT do them justice and are not as good as others I’ve seen around the blogosphere but hopefully you can see what I mean as in them being different colours from different angles. i will be sure to post images if the new ones as soon as they are in my clasp!

So that’s it! Apologies if this was too long for some of you but I really wanted to do it all as one post rather than three separate ones.

Until the next post love, love, love

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