Just be good to Green...

Professor Green I mean! Yes I went to this rap spitting genius on Thursday night at the Roundhouse avec mon amie, Holly. Now Holly is OBSESSED with Professor Green, me not so much, I like him and a lot more since I’ve been watching his show on T4, doesn’t he seem like the nicest guy?! But, I wouldn’t have gone to see him had Holly not suggested on accompanying her/told me that Rizzle Kicks were supporting. I’d also never been to The Roundhouse and have not been to a gig in aaaaaaaaaaaages, the last one I think I went to was The Drums in Kentish Town which was about a year ago, shameful!

So I thought why not, let’s go have a few ciders and shake our bon bons Ricky Martin style. And here we are having a whale of a time…

I do have pics of the gig but they are basically very rubbish, but you can see a vid I uploaded of the Rizzles doing Miss Cigarette here. And to sum up, great gig, both acts were so good live, really high energy and vocals were wicked!

But I have bigger fish to fry.

One thing I couldn’t help but notice was how random the crowd were, which, when you think about it, is to be expected. ¬†Green’s pretty mainstream and I think some people associate how cool they are with liking him, in essence, really uncool people seem to like him because they think he’s quite cool, he’s an accessible ticket into the British ‘grime/rap’ scene, sorry Green but that’s just how it is!

So being a blogger/just loving fashion I ALWAYS notice style whether it’s impeccable or horrendous, it never goes unmissed. And here was horrendous style in abundance! I literally felt like I was in the lost era of fashion, or the early noughties as I like to call it. If any of you grew up in this era you’ll look back and think, what were we doing, how would you describe it? Well I’d describe it like this….

Holly being somewhat unstealth and, is that? yeh that’s a glow stick in her hair…

Didn’t you know the Nike drawstring bag was back?

Get your tatts out, ooh and don’t forget that waterproof jacket! Just tie it round your waist when your not wearing it, it’s fine

Obvs I’m getting my bra out it’s a gig…in Camden

Can’t go to gig without a bit of Ed Hardy can you?

I had so many more to choose from but I then this would’ve been about 5 years long!

We also met this guy…

He’s one of Green’s crewdem innit!

And lastly my outfit was this…

Just a silk shirt tied up from a charity shop, vintage Levi cut offs, M&S 10 denier sheer ladder resist tights, white socks and Dr Martins.

And there you have it, the Professor Green gig in a rather unstylish nutshell.

Until the next post love, love, love,

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