All in the details...

I feel like I’ve been neglecting the variety in my blogs posts that I promised when I started and I’m really aware that lately there’s been a lot of beauty! I love beauty of course, but I don’t think of myself exclusively as a beauty blogger. In my description I promise you tales of fashion, beauty and music, I like to mix it up and I can promise you I do have a lot of this in store over the next week, when you work full time things that you would prefer to be doing have to take a back seat, it’s rubbish!. So you’ll be pleased to know I’ve got a little fashion teaser for you!!

As it’s winter and my hair’s grown - yaaaay! Which means I’ve not cut it for MONTHS so ad in some drizzle…baaaaaaaad situation, so I’m tying it up basically everyday, and what’s the perfect accessory to finish off that pretty top knot?

Well these of course!

That’s right a load of velvet scrunchies!! I am obsessed, so obsessed I had an eBay splurge and ordered all these colours (I’m pretty sure I have an emerald green one on the way too) as you can never have too many really can you?!

My absolute fav is this one…

The leopard print of course, I bloody love it I think this will get the most wear, as my winter wardrobe consists of mainly black and/or denim I like to add a little spice with a splash of leopard and in this context, I think it’s quite necessary don’t you?!

I’ve tried to fashion a small collage of them on said top knot but please exuse the quality, I’ve never claimed to be an artist, or photoshop whizz for that matter!

Looking at these all together I actually really like the purple one with my (very unnatural) hair colour.

So that should be enough to whet your appetite for now,  I have these planned into a couple of OOTDs so keep a look out for these, they’ll be an absolute treat!

Until then I will leave you with this…

If it’s good enough for Abdul!

PS I spotted this on my scrunchie google image search…

Is that just not the best thing you’ve ever seen? I will of course be prowling eBay to get my hands on one and you will of course be the first to know when I do!

Until the next post love, love, love,