TOWIB Winter Warmer!

…Or The Only Way is Blogging for those of you that aren’t familiar.  This took place last Saturday at Bable Bar in Mayfair and I went!

Disclaimer: I have already written this blog and my internet failed before I saved it…RUBBISH (I’m now saving every two seconds!!) Hopefully I can recreate genius twice in a row…but I wouldn’t expect too much! 

So I’ll try and give an overview as briefly as possible but I warn you now, it’s probably gona be a long one!

So the event was organised by the London Beauty Queen (what a gem) and is a way of bloggers to come together, chat, network, learn new skills as well as perhaps having the odd tipple!

Having been a very ‘aspiring’ blogger for quite some time (attention span is not my strong point and time is never something I have enough of!) I thought this is the perfect way to get out there and make myself part of this huuuuuuge blogging community. And hats off to Hayley for organising such a professionally run, useful day. This is such a good thing for the blogging community to do, it’s so good to meet people you know you’re going to have at least one thing in common with and make connections and perhaps a few friends, which it never hurts to have a few of in this game!!! So the day consisted of a few workshops, up first was Fay from All these pretty things with a great talk on HTML, so helpful for fledgling bloggers like myself! This was followed by the lovely Zoe from The London Lipgloss and the always perfectly put together Lily from llymlrs giving their tips on improving photography, some of whic I’ve been trying out myself, although please don’t take this blog as an example! But do keep checking back to see the (definite) improvement!

But the most exciting part of the day, for me, was the two presentations by the two make up brands.

First up was Fashionista - 

Currently sold in Superdrug, Fashionista’s most recent claim to fame was their collaboration with The Saturdays for their magnetic nail varnish range. So expectation was high and they didn’t fail to deliver! Presented to us was their custom palettes, a new way of shopping on the make up high street.  Basically there’s about 50 colours to choose from, you buy an empty palette, pick your four favourites et Voila! Your very own personalised eyeshadow palette!

So there were 3 looks to choose from each inspired by the Catwalks of the SS12 shows. I went for the Mark Fast inspired palette which had coppery, brown tones which I absolutley love! The pigmentation is amazing and the packaging, one word, mirror! It’s immense, a really big square mirror which you can see all your face in, no titling the head, no awkward angling, just a full on face off all in one look!

I think this is such a good step for high street make up, innovative, forward thinking and most importantly pioneering! With the exception of Barry M, the world of high street make is usually copycat collection of product which is only ever a substitute for a tight bank balance. Fashionista have just raised the bar not only is this palette really professional quality it’s amazing value at about £12 (I think!) for everything, the palette and the four eyeshadows! So high street brands take heed, you’re gona need more than Cokeface Moss to take on what these guys are offering!

Next up was Vivo.  This is the new range by Tesco which I’ve heard a lot about.  With numerous comparisons to MAC I knew this would be an exciting range to see.  Again they had three looks to choose from, all inspired by the AW season, and I went for the golden look, standard.

These two eyeshadows are so gorgeous, again great pigmentation.  The golden one is really shimmery and lovely and almost creamy in texture and the brown is a beautiful, smokey, matte shade, gorgeous as a shader or by itself or, my personal favourite, for eyebrows!!

But, the reason I really chose this look was because I heard the word baked and I heard the word bronze, two of my favourite things,and I thought…gimmie!

Is that not just the most exquisite thing you’ve ever seen?! It’s more of a pinky toned bronzer but I really do like this, it’s very similar to the MAC MSF in Soft and Gentle, only about £6!!!This really is a genuinely lovely piece of kit to have and although it won’t take the place of, it’s definitely a great enhancement to the MAC products I can’t live without. I also got a mascara and eye liner in the look as well, the mascara is a bit meh, it’s good to have a spare one but I don’t think I’ll repeat purchase purely because I’m basically married to my beloved Diorshow! The eye liner however is lovely, really creamy so great for smudging, with the handy smudger it comes with, and really, really black - what more could you want!

More of the Vivo collection - the blusher/highlighter duo looked amazing!

Both these looks are really wearable and easy to create so I will most definitley be doing a couple of tutorial videos so you can see the products in action!

Overall this really was a worthwhile event to get involved in and I will absolutley consider going next year, although I’ve heard it clashes with IMATs so it’s TBC at the mo! But seriously it’s a great way to meet fellow bloggers as well as help young bloggers like myself feel less intimidated by the vast expanse of the blogging world. Once again Hayley massive well done and emoticon high five to you!!!

Watch my video blog on this event here.

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