Sleek make up haul

I have been coveting the Sleek make up range for a few weeks now thanks to the Youtube gals banging on and on about it! I am a self confessed make up snob. I never really buy any what you’d describe as ‘high street’ or ‘drug store’ branded make up and have never really taken too much of an interest, apart from Barry M’s nail paint obvs! However, I am still a beauty addict and if I hear enough people going on about something I HAVE to try it.  

(iDivine Sunset Palette, iDivine Nude Palette, Face Contour Kit, Blush in Rose Gold)  

The first thing I kept hearing about was the face contour kit. I dabble in the odd bit of contouring but it’s not a technique I would’ve viewed as essential or even as one of my go to’s…until now. There was something about this kit I just couldn’t resist. Maybe it was the packaging, maybe it was just the fact that the guru’s I love to watch just had it (such a consumer I know!) but there was something about this kit I was instantly drawn to. After a failed web order attempt and two trips to Superdrug I finally got my hands on the light version, and I absolutely love it!!

So if you don’t know already it comes with a contouring blush tone, abit like Gingerly from MAC I’d say and then a highlighter which isn’t too shimmery which I really like for this actually as they’re both very subtle which is what you want, you’re trying to create a natural shadow and tone to your face rather than an obvious ‘I’ve got make up on’ type look. The contour shade goes on really nicely and blends out really well, I use the Elf bronzing, blending and blush brush to do this. It’s slim and angled so worked really well with the product as well as achieving the look I wanted. Also, I had a bash at contouring my nose, which I’ve not done before, and it went surprisingly well. Basically you shade either side of the bridge of your nose as lightly as possible. I was expecting it to look like massive brown smears down my face but it actually looked like natural shadow, I don’t know if this is the consumer in me but I really did think it looked slimmer.  I really love contouring the cheeks though and then dong a few sweeps around the temples onto the forehead and this product is perfect for that.  I would say start lightly and build up the colour as it really will look like brown smears down your face if not, but with this kit there is absolutely no excuse to be scared of contouring!

I also picked up two palettes.  I think the Sleek palettes are so so good to build up your collection. The price point is fab at £6.49 and you get 12 colours! The shades are really pigmented whether they’re a shimmery or matte finish and I really love the diversity of shades in each palette.  It’s a great way of being able to get shades you may only want to experiment with or may just use on specific events i.e. halloween, fancy dress, birthdays, xmas etc basically anything that you may not view as ‘essential’ or ‘everyday make up’ but would still like to have ‘just in case’ for example, the Acid Palette.  This is exactly what the name suggests, a palette full of acid yellows, greens, pinks, purples, all sorts of bright colours that individually, you wouldn’t want to go out and spend £11.50 on in MAC, so there’s my point, albeit rather long winded, build up your colour collection with great quality palettes for the price of like half an eyeshadow from MAC, what’s not to love! And if you’re a palette obsessive like me the collection has only just begun!

One thing I love about Sleek is the packaging, I think it is really ‘sleek’ (I hate myself!) and really easy to store.  As you can see the first palette has just standard, natural, really useable colours for everyday looks and even evening looks if you build the colours up. The second palette, despite being called the Sunset palette which would suggest summer colours, I actually think it’s great for Autumn. The shades have come out a lot pinker on the camera but they’re all really coppery/red which is great for me as I have green eyes. I can’t wait to do some looks with these so look out for a tutorial coming soon! Next palettes on the list? The Me, Myself & I PPQ palette, Storm palette and the Oh So Special palette, basically all of them!

The last thing I couldn’t resist picking up was a blusher. I wasn’t in the market for one, especially one that’s so similar to my MAC Springsheen blush that I use everyday, but I saw this and thought, sod it, it’s a fiver!

Th shade is called Rose Gold and it’s exactly that, a really lovely pinky/apricoty/goldy glowing blush, perhaps not great for winter but come summer thi will bea make up bag staple fo’sho!

So there you have it my first Sleek haul, the first of many I fear so keep checking back for looks and new products!!

And, all that for the price of a MAC foundation, perfect!

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