Put on a happy face...

I’d heard so much about the Topshop make up range from my lovely Youtube ladies that this weekend, as it was my birthday and all, I thought I’d treat myself!

It was my fave ‘guru’ Zoella that got me coveting their lipsticks after her rave review of Infrared and originally, this was all I went in for…more than a few products later and one very bruised looking filthy hand, I emerged from Cheapside with my Topshop bag in tow and 3 lovely new products to add to my ever growing collection!

1. Bronzer & Blush

2. Glow highlighter - Polished

3. Lipstick - Desert

This highlighter is soooo lovely and could even, dare i say it, give beauty addicts favourite Benefit Highbeam, a run for its money. It’s got a slightly pinky tinge to it and goes onto create a sheer, reflective almost liquid, but definitely not greasy looking finish. When it gets hot though it does get a liquid layer on the top but I can over look that as I love, love, love it!!

This bronzer and blush duo is perfect for Autumn.  The bronzer is warm enough to be worn alone, as is the blush, and mixed together create the perfect peachy toned powder to maintain the colour and freshness we all favour in the summer months. The blush has a slight gold shimmer which makes it even better for me as I love blushers with depth rather than a flat, matte tone.

Now I have been on the hunt for the perfect shade of nude lipstick for me for longer than I can remember. As a make up fan obvs my first stop was MAC, from Shy Girl to Myth to Creme d’nude to Gaga’s Viva Glam 2, either they were far too chalky or far too brown. I thought my quest would never be over, even coming to terms with the fact that, you can love make up as much as you want but maybe a nude just isn’t for me! Enter Toppers!! On first glance I really thought this colour would be far too peachy, but something inside me said, ‘just put it on what’s the prob?’ and the rest is history. Creamy, moisturising and kind of fruity tasting, this lipstick is all I could’ve hoped for in a nude. Perfectly complimentary to my skin tone, doesn’t over power the rest of my make up yet subtly adds a difference you can’t quite put your finger on.  In the words of my flatmate, ‘you can tell you’ve put more make up on, but you can’t tell what’…perfect!

I do have one gripe though, and Zoella did warn me, the packaging is white so a no go for the make up bag. I took it out on Saturday night and it was really grubby the next day…I suppose you can’t have it all!

Look out for these products in a tutorial near you soon!

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