New brushes please!

So I promised a more detailed look at my new brushes from Elf so, here it is!!

Basically I have been getting into Youtube in a massive way, perhaps coz it’s Winter and I need something besides Essex and X factor to fill my time, perhaps I’m just a loser, but either way I can’t believe I’ve only just twigged. I mean, I’ve dabbled in beauty vids over time sure, but now I actually know the names of my favourite ‘gurus’, have a Youtube account of my own, subscribe to channels and, dare I say it, am having a bash at it myself!!

And it was one of my favourites, Gracie from uglyfaceofbeauty that got me onto Elf products. Super cheap and great quality, a beauty fiend like myself just couldnt resist so I took advantage of their 25% off offer and went all out. There was two ranges I bought from, the studio range and then just the regular brushes range, they also have anatural bamboo range but i didnt want to go too crazy on my first visit, although it may become apparent that I actually did! Enjoy!

The Studio Range

These are my favs from my order, for the amount of money these cost it is so so worth it, the y are super soft and just so lovely, I can’t praise them enough!

(From top to bottom)

Elf complexion brush Really nice full bristled brush and so soft - Not as big as I was expecting as it was a little bit flat but that could be the packaging, I was expecting it to be as full as a MAC 134 or 150 but, for the price I’m happy - it does the job!

Elf powder brush Th cult product of the Elf collection and I think just a cult product in general, every youtuber I watch was raving about this as a foundation brush and they’re not wrong!

Elf stipple brush This is probably the most disappointing on the bunch, it’s realy ‘synthetic’ looking like almost shiny ‘barbie’ hair type vibe and not very dense for a stipple, I would spend the money on a dearer one like the MAC 187.

Elf blush brush This was another disappointing one, the packaging had dented the bristles and despite washing it to set again it’s still dented!!It’s also not as big a blush bushes I’m used to its more like a contour/highlight size.

Elf Kabuki brush The piece de la resistance - if you only buy one brush from Elf it HAS to be this. It’s soooooooooo soft, really dense and just perfect, there’s a body one coming out soon too which I cannot wait for!

The make up brush range

Blushing, blending, bronzing brush For something that claims to do so much I don’t think it does any! Great for contouring but not at all big enough for the kind of bronzing and blushing I like to do - is really soft though and I like the colour of the bristles.

Blending brush Perfect and well cheap, could be abit fluffier but again, for the price thumbs up!

Crease brush Perfect and even better coz it’s cheap I have no probs just chucking it i the old make up bag

Liner brush Really nice and fine I do prefer slanted brushes but again for the price this is great

Smudge eye sponge Can’t say too much about this, I needed a smudger and this does the job!

Overall an excellent days purchasing I think you’ll agree, I think every make up junkie needs a set of cheap brushes anyway and when they’re this good quality even better!

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