Dior Vernis nail polish review

I’ve had one other Dior nail varnish and I have to say I’m not that impressed with them. The thing I have about expensive nail varnishes is, I think, what’s the point? Nail varnish by nature is gona chip and high street nail varnishes are so bloody good these days, first Rimmel, then Barry M, now Model’s Own, that there really is no need to spend more than about £4 to get a really decent colour/quality.  Saying that I do looooooooooove nails inc, they don’t seem to chip for days and the one thing they do have over high street nail varnishes is that you can literally have them for years and they don’t go horrible and gloopy, sorry Bazza, as much as it pains me to say your effects range is guilty of this.

So anyway on with the review, and this will be quick! The shade is called Exodus, great colour but not blown away by the quality, you need about 4 coats and it still chips after about a day. It really reminds me of my fav Bazza M called Mushroom except this one has shimmer in it, close up you can tell the difference but far away not so much, but if you are up for a cash splash I’d say represent the UK and go for Nails Inc.

What’s your favourite nail polish?!

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