Long time no...

anything!! I haven’t blogged for absolutely months so, in light of all the fashion weeks and the start of the new season I have decided a much needed resurrection is due! So get a cup of tea and brace yourself for long one…

As mentioned a new season is starting so here are a few things I have either just got or am coveting!

First up is a new fragrance, when I first got this presented to me at work I fell in love with it!! Gorgeous packaging, beautiful scent and a much needed departure from the perhaps not so premium rep I usually associate with this particular brand of fragrances.

With a beautiful ad campaign featuring the worryingly seductive Rosie Huntington Whitely, the launch of Burberry Body sees a much needed PR boost to the Burberry fragrance collection. I don’t know about you but there’s something about Burberry fragrances which always makes me think of travel minatures on the front counter at Superdrug; merely an impulse add on to go along with my Barry M nail polish, cotton pads and one off packet face mask, not really the same impression I’d associate with the Burberry brand itself. Burberry body is the antithesis of this, it’s an extension of the brand rather than a franchise acting as a link to a lifestyle we covet from afar.

It’s a gorgeous delicate scent with stylish packaging and overall perfect promo campaign, putting Burberry fragrances on par with the likes of Chloe and Narciso. This is a Burberry fragrance I would be proud to have on my dressing table.

Next, I have FINALLY got my hands on the best (in my opinion) Models Own nail polishes as well as the Wah nails art pen so I can now attempt, albeit rather shoddily, to recreate my favourite Wah girl looks, and perhaps a few invented by myself!!

The luminosity of the colours doesn’t really show in the pics, they kind of look the same but they are different and they are amazing, espesh with a tan which I have luckily got myself after a week in Kefalonia!!

So the colours are Bubblegum on the left and Pink Punch on the right.  Bubblegum is a standard neon pink and Pink punch, which I think is my fav, is more of a neon corally pink. They both go on great but you do need to do about 3 layers to cover the whites of your nails and it does start to chip off at the edges after a day or two, I think this may only be because its on my hands though and stuff like washing hair and washing up doesn’t help it stay, I have it on my toe nails and it hasn’t chipped at all but anyways, I absolutely love the colours and for a fiver each, I don’t need to worry about being sparse as a repeat buy will definitely not break the bank. The nail art pen is black and despite being easy to use, the brush is really thin so for more intricate work, ie, any sort of pattern, I think I’d need something stiffer like cocktail stick, but have a look at my first bash at nails a la Wah and tell me what you think, not too shabby if I may say so myself!

Another little treat I’ve recently obtained are these bad boys…

Old news in the blogging world I know but I still absolutely love them and finally they’re mine!! Will look great with my planned outfit at the Jaeger show tomorrow at LFW!

Lastly Biba make up has now launched at House of Fraser! Now I have only seen this onsite and not ‘in the flesh’ so I don’t have a full review, I also haven’t seen much about these products anywhere else online either so rest assured I will be uploading a review as soon as I’m back in action next week! But, on first look it looks lush, cute palettes, opulent colours and great packaging. Prices are also great with a lip palette at £24, eye palette at £26 and face palette at £34, there’s even a really cute lip gloss disguised as a cocktail ring so get ready to do your best James Bond babe/lady is a vamp impression this party season.

Well there’s just a few bits to whet the appetite, I will be back at some point this weekend with all things LFW as I become the girl about the BFC town!

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