LFW SS12: Danielle Scutt

The Show: Danielle Scutt

The Day: Tuesday 20th Sept

The Time: 5pm

So this show was kind of last minute for me, I wasn’t expecting to go but at the last minute my editor was like, ‘I don’t have time go, go in my place’ so I was like hells yeh!

Having been taken by surprise by the Danielle Scutt show last season and absolutely loving it, I was particularly keen to see the offering this season, it seemed she had been upgraded from a tag onto the back of the Charles Anastase show, to getting her own billing in the BFC tent. I was glad to see she had stuck to her signature style, however incorporating a grown up twist only befitting for the BFC tent. 

Key looks were the Scutt signature reworked hip hop style tee shirts, tartan: from shirts to structured dresses the uniform of grunge is very much staying put for SS12.  Neat french plaits and skin head style jeans teamed with white tees and braces gave the girls an androgynous edge. Make up was minimal with an American football style ‘smear’ under one eye, possibly an homage to the late Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopez or perhaps just a way of enhancing the already no nonsense styling of the show. 

Overall a very ‘grown up’ collection with some clearly wearable, fun pieces, as well as keeping the signature street style influences. I didn’t instantly LOVE it as much as I did last season but that’s probably due to the distinct lack of gaudy gold, crushed velvet Moschino vibe which I’m obsessed with! I wouldn’t have expected to see the same show for two seasons running, but I did think this season lacked the playfulness and creativity of last season, it seemed slightly jaded and not as well considered, sorry Danielle I will still always be eager to see what you got though, I know last season didn’t come from nowhere!

My Fav looks

See you next season?

OOTD blog and video coming soon!