LFW AW2011 - I got to be a part of this in more ways than I could’ve ever imagined!!By now there are a million and one blog posts about the totally unique and insanely high standard of shows this season so instead of one continuous prose I will just list my highlights -


Pam Hogg - OMG in the words of Peter Andre ‘insaniaaaaa’ an eclcetic mix of water colour/digital prints crossed with a debauched S & M special of sesame street, Daisy Lowe and Alice Dellal (my darling) took to the catwalk in outfits varying from draped jersey dresses to crinoline under skirts, bondage style full length leather coats complete with their very own ‘jodie Marsh’ inspired ‘belt dress’ - no description could do this impressive piece justice!

Ashish - Sequins/scottish/english/punk homage - need I say more…except Amber Rose and the banging soundtrack provided by MIA!!!

Charles Anastase - Etherial french/parisian effortless chic, the way I wish I could dress everyday - the grown up girl dressing up in Mums wardrobe(although any Mum who owns this wardrobe would point blank refuse to let their kid dress up in it - unless you’re one of those annoying mums that brings their kids to fashion week - call me old fashioned but I like my shows like I like my restaurants - kid free!)

Fashion East - 3 words Nicola Roberts Standing (due to tardiness) - priceless

The unexpected Danielle Scutt show - Fashion how it should be gaudy, over the top and very very 90s wheres Cindy, Linda and Claudia when you need them!

The Nicki Minaj opening and palpable excitement at the PPQ show

Sleb sightings

Boy George/Jodie Harsh/Jo Wood/The Winstones/Dr Who at Pam Hogg

Amber Rose and MIA at Ashish

Paloma Faith and Marina Diamandis….Everywhere, so over them

The Chung at Charles

THE ultimate in fash pack Colin Mcdowell, Suzy Menkes, Hilary Alexander at Mark Fast

Daphne Guiness at CSM looking as demure as ever

Nicola Roberts and SamCam at Fashion East - If the PMs wife can make it on time what’s Roberts’ excuse!