And the winner is...

Awards season has come and gone and as much as I may fancy myself as somewhat of a ‘film buff’, when it comes to award ceremonies any attention paid by myself, if at all, is purely aesthetic. 

When it comes to award ceremonies the Oscars is by far the ‘Paris’ of them all.  It’s the one event where film buffs and fashionistas this side of the pond try and pull the ‘all nighter’ to stay up and catch the first ‘scoop’ of the night, whether it’s how could that win Best Picture or how could she go out in that, no other award night draws as much division

Here’s some of my highlights - not to everyones taste I am aware but, collectively these were the ones I thought had all the key elements to make up a flawless ‘style statement’ (I can’t believe I just used that seriously!).  So the key elements consist of, but are not limited to, dressing age appropriate whilst injecting some kind of personality and style, all rarely achieved on such a grand scale.

Exquisite - She looks like a ballerina in a music box, I could watch her twirl all day!

Not all will agree but she can do no wrong to me, like Chanel herself, she’ll always be instyle 

Does she ever fail at the Oscars? That colour - perfection!

Red hair and dark navy…

There are no words