Weekend wantlist...

The weather has taken the dreaded turn, prepping us for the big change of summer to autumn. So this has of course got me thinking about an AW wardrobe - any excuse! So here's a few bits I've been coveting so far...

Topshop Boutique Silk Joggers - Ever since I got my Zara ones (similar) all I can think about is getting more and more pairs of these 'pyjama' type trousers. So chic but so comfy, perfect for layering up as the temperature drops.

Zara Trench Coat - Come rain or shine, a lightweight trench is always a good call. This slouchy take on a wardrobe classic is perfect for my kind of day to day wear, relaxed, effortless but eye catching, I gots to make it mine.

Weekday Jumper - I'm going to Berlin in October and one thing I cannot wait for is a trip to the Weekday store. I love this brand but never buy too much as funnily enough, I hate shopping online. I'm a funny size in clothes and like a certain fit so I always prefer to try before I buy and am to much of a tight arse to order two sizes just to send one back. This jumper will be top of my list.

Missguided Curve Hem Top - I have a confession to make, I never checked for Missguided, but having a look recently they've got some pretty good offerings, not to mention how great the prices are. this nude top is the perfect layering piece for the colder months. I think it'd be so classic with a pencil skirt or mid calf maxi dress and creepers, understated beaut.

Cos Striped Top - Who can resist stripes for any season, but navy blue, perfect for the latter end of the year. 'nuff said

Sienna Miller's Rose Gold Hue - So I'm booked to go way blonder next week and I'm toying with giving rose gold a go...I may not right this instant but I really love this tone on blondes, not too fashion blogger, pastel overkill and really wearable for pretty much anyone...top marks whoever Sienna's colourist is (please can I come and work for you?!)

Are you looking forward to the new season?


Can't live without | Haircare...

I was thinking about what post to do today and I realised, I'd been hopelessly devoted to these four products in my haircare routine for the best part of the year, and not really given them any air time. Hair is such a big thing these days and being a hair stylist, I use A LOT of products, so if something makes the cut for more than a couple of weeks, let a lone can't live without status, I gotsta tell you guys about it.

I of course, have so many other hair stuffs I can't live without, but these are the most recent additions.

Bumble & bumble Surf Foam Wash Shampoo - I was never really into this shampoo when it launched, I had no desire to try it as I thought it would be quite stripping on my parched hair and make it feel dry and tacky. How wrong I was, this shampoo smells really fresh and I don't feel any dry, tackiness on my hair, quite the opposite in fact. My hair feels really soft and hydrated without being weighed down, it works perfect with my other texture giving products like mousse, surf spray or root spray, and I even think it stops my hair from feeling as dry with those products as it used to. Is it a must have? At £18.50 I wouldn't say hell yes as I think expensive hair care is even more of a personal preference than skincare or makeup, but as a hair stylist, I will always be an advocate that you really should invest in your shampoo and conditioner, especially if you do spend a lot of money getting your hair cut and coloured, so from that perspective, it really is worth the money, and I must mention it lasts for ages. I must have been using it a good 3 months and I'm only half way through the bottle, I also do two shampoos whenever I wash my hair so when you look at it that way, you wouldn't be pouring money down the drain with this one...

Redken Blonde Glam Colour Enhancer Conditioner - I'm pretty sure this has been rebranded with two offerings now and I've yet to try them but I really love this stuff. This has a very faint purple tinge to it so it's great for keeping ash blondes as fresh as possible and not going too brassy. The reason I prefer this to a purple shampoo is, I usually find purple shampoos can be quite drying, they can also interfere with any toning product which has already been used on your hair and in my opinion, can sometimes flatten the colour rather than freshen it up. I really like the conditioner version as I think it really helps maintain your salon fresh blonde tones if you start using it as soon as you get your colour done. I can use this everytime I wash my hair and it's really nourishing without feeling too heavy, all in all a big thumbs up. I think the newer version comes in two phases and you can intensify the violet depending on how long ago your colour was done which I think sounds fab! There's also a gold one for warmer, more honey blondes, well worth checking out if you feel your colour loses it's 'freshness' easily.

Bumble & bumble Pret a Powder - I was sooo skeptical about this stuff, £21.50 for a hair powder? But having used my fair share of competitor offerings from Redken, VO5 and Batistse, this came out heads and tails above, incredible stuff. For those of you who are unfamiliar with hair powders they primarily give volume, but with that usually comes a quite unpleasant, almost wet, tacky sensation until it dissolves into your hair, it also builds up really quickly and isn't always that malleable. This stuff however; feels a lot talcum powder and dissolves instantly into the hair, no tackiness, no stickiness, just instantly disappears, the white cast does too and you're left with instant volume to those lack lustre locks. It also works as a dry shampoo so no more greasy roots as well as an over all style refresher, you can shake this through longer styles to perk them up a bit and believe me when I tell you, it really works! Yes £21.50 is a lot but I'm telling you this stuff will last you the best part of year and once you have it, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

label.m Texturising Volume Spray - If you couldn't tell already, I luuuuurve me some volume. This really smells like Lynx/pre pubescent boy smell but I really like it (cougar) Again it doesn't bulid up, you could add this day after day and still get a fresh effect and it's just an easy option to take that just washed softness out as well as grunging up your natural texture or GHD waves. I have reached for this pretty much everyday since I got it, really, really impressed and I don't see a replacement anytime soon. And yes I have a lot of texture sprays, so that's a pretty big claim.

Any go to hair products you can't live without?


Currently loving | Magnitone Lucid Facial Brush...

Yep, yep, I too was one of those gaaaals coveting the infamous Clarisonic, but painfully lacking in funds to justify a purchase on something that had some great, but also pretty shocking reviews (skin purge anyone?!) So when Look Fantastic offered me the opportunity to trial the Magnitone Lucid, I jumped at the chance,

Now I haven't tried the Clarisonic so I have no basis to make any sort of comparison, so this post is purely my thoughts on my personal experience, with a slightly daunting but thorough way of scrubbing your boat!

Similar to an electric toothbrush, the Magnitone Lucid uses an oscillating brush head to deep clean and exfoliate your skin. There are two settings to choose from, the 'deep clean' setting and the 'sensitive' setting. On first use it is recommended to use it on the sensitive setting and move up to the deep clean if you fancy. Having heard so many mixed reviews on the Clarisonic I have to say, I was a little nervous this kind of exfoliating could do more harm than good, but fancying myself as your guys' own personal guinea pig for all things beauty, I had to give it a go.

And I must say the conclusion is great. I absolutely love using my Magnitone Lucid for cleansing, about once or twice a week. I have congested, oily, uneven(ish) skin and I have found this to be an absolute dream for addressing these specific concerns. I haven't had any irritation or soreness and I definitely haven't experienced any sort of 'skin purging' phase as promised by rival reviews. All I have experienced is squeaky clean skin, reduced pigmentation and a definite difference in the volume of congestion as well as pore appearance around my nose and cheeks.

I've tried a few cleansers with this and for my skin type, I've found gel cleansers have been a definite success, with my favourite being the La Roche Posay Effaclar Purifying Foaming Cleanser.

So is it worth the money? Hell yes, especially as it's currently reduced on Look Fantastic at only £49.99, an absolute bargain when you compare this to the Clarisonic coming in at over £100. The whole thing is also enclosed, making it completely waterproof and able to use in shower. The only thing I'd point out would be to go careful if you do have sensitive or delicate skin and are prone to redness, as it could be a bit hard going, perhaps just stick to problem areas. Other than that, this gets a massive thumbs up from me, as well as Hainsley I should add. For the very few, if any guys that come across this post, I have been having to hide this from Hainsley as he won't stop using it! He even asked if he could 'borrow' it for the week, errrr definitely not love, get your own! (There's a birthday pressie sorted!) I have to say, would it be completely sickening to get him the blue one so we can have some cute his'n'hers skincare...#sorrynotsorry

Would you try the Magnitone Lucid over the Clarisonic? Or have you already got a preference?