How I use | Bumble & bumble Surf Spray...

I feel I must make this imperatively clear, this post has not been sponsored or requested by Tigi or Bumble, I just really like both these brands!

So let's go...

Surf spray is one of those products that I think you either get or you don't. I do so I thought it would be really helpful to do a wee post (and a cheeky vid so look out) on the best way I've found to use it.

The biggest error I see with people using Surf Spray is using it on dry hair. This is a wet product and the best way to use a wet product? You guessed it, on wet hair! If you do use this on dry hair you at least need to scrunch and blast dry it in, simply spraying a water like product onto dry hair and expecting to transform into a california beach babe, int gona happen I'm afraid. To get any sort of decent hair style, you need to work with the product, and don't be scared of products either! Experiment with them, layer them, see how much is too much and how much is too little, you will never get amazing results if you don't put at least a teensy bit of effort in...and product!

So speaking of layering products, I always use a root lift spray. My goal is height and volume when I style my hair and a root lift spray is imperative for this. My absolute favourite has to be the Tigi Bedhead Queen for a Day Thickening Hairspray. I swipe this through my roots and massage in. I then follow this with the Bumble Surf Spray. I spritz this down my hair length, around two sprays per side of my head, so two at the front side, two towards the back, the actual back, side of back and front again if that makes sense! I then scrunch the product into my hair, if you've never done this, do it, this gives you a great idea of how much 'wave potential' there is in your hair. I originally did this with mousse and I couldn't believe the wave in my hair, it could actually be described as curly! If wave and texture is your aim, you need to get down with the scrunching in product technique.

As I am using a textured product, due to the poor condition of my hair, I layer this with a light, smoothing product. If you're hair is in good condition you can skip this part but as I blow dry my hair upside down, it can be inclined to frizz. So I add a tiny bit of Bumble & bumble Grooming Cream, about a pea size amount, as you don't want to over do it with the smoothing products.

I then flip my head upside and scrunch and dry. It's really important to scrunch so you build texture and wave as well as body. This can take a little bit longer than the regular blast dry but totes worth it as the results are textured, inflated hair! I then sort my parting out, maybe run a few extra curls through with my GHDs before finishing with Bumble & bumble Brilliantine...the most underrated Bumble product in my opinion. I can't really describe it as there is nothing else on the market like it but it's a very light, water based cream that disappears into the hair, it adds a bit of sheen and separation, a great one for smooth, messy texture without looking too polished or too put together, know what I mean? I then blast a few sprays of my favourite shine spray, Tigi Bedhead Headrush, and we're good to go!


Tools of the trade...

Now you may or may not know I have been training in hairdressing for about a year now and am so so excited to finally become qualified in June (or maybe sooner!)

When I first started out training I treated myself to this set of Head Jog brushes. A guy in the salon I was working in had them and I thought they were so nice and the perfect range of sizes for a new stylist.

I have been an avid follower of Anna Lee and Jesse's youtube channel since they started vlogging, particularly because Anna Lee is basically, my biggest career inspiration. When I made the big decision to change career I came across her channel and, I know it sounds weird, she really helped me to have the confidence to think, 'this is what I want, I'm going for it.' She has the exact kind of career I had imagined for myself and watching her really gave me the boost I needed to just go for it.

So anything Anna Lee recommends, I'm totes gona try. I had seen she had a set of the above brushes which she always seemed to use and being that she is a high flying LA stylist I thought they must be something spesh. She then revealed in this tutorial, they were by the brand Ibiza Hair Tools with her favourite brush being the Z4. After gaining some experience and seeing Anna's amazing blow dry results from using the Z4, I of course had to purchase one for myself. On looking at the collection I also fancied getting one of the 'blonde' brushes as they are supposed to be better suited to lighter, finer hair types.

I have used both on clients ever since I got them and OMG, they are perfect brushes. Super lightweight, with soft but firm bristles, these brushes grab the hair so much better than my previous ceramic radial brushes. To get a perfect blowdry you need control and tension over the hair, something that can be a struggle when you're training, not with these guys. They hold the hair taut and allow for ultimate control when waving, curling and smoothing. Seriously I cannot recommend these brushes enough, either if you're a stylist yourself or someone who has mastered the round brush blow dry, one use of these and you will NEVER go back to awful ceramic radials. These are so much kinder to your hair as well as much lighter to work with. Like Anna, the Z4 is the one. I like the B3 but I wish it had a bit more of a concave barrell like the Z4 as it works wonders when creating volume and movement.

Convinced yet? If not watch this tutorial of the brushes in action and you'll be clicking that by button before it's even finished!



I got my hair cut just before Christmas and it's at the stage now where it really needs another one, #hairdresserproblems when you're not in a salon! 

As it's short it's hard to put my hair up in my beloved topknot without loading up with a ton on bobby pins, which can sometimes be uncomfortable. I love having short hair but hate feeling like I have to wash it. As it's blonde, it's f**ked, so it stays pretty dried out which is great so I can go a good 4 days without a wash but I still miss those days when I could just chuck it up in a donut and be done with it. 

I kept seeing chicks knocking around town with sick 90s style half up, half down dos. Lived in, just woken up texture and messily pulled up front sections, perfect for laid back summer chic, I had to have a little go myself and I lurrrrrrve how it looks.

It's banging with a winged liner and my faaaaaav Rihanna for MAC Nude lippie. Feel a bit like my badass 19 year old self again when all I cared about was Timberlands and Twice as Nice.