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Yep, yep, I too was one of those gaaaals coveting the infamous Clarisonic, but painfully lacking in funds to justify a purchase on something that had some great, but also pretty shocking reviews (skin purge anyone?!) So when Look Fantastic offered me the opportunity to trial the Magnitone Lucid, I jumped at the chance,

Now I haven't tried the Clarisonic so I have no basis to make any sort of comparison, so this post is purely my thoughts on my personal experience, with a slightly daunting but thorough way of scrubbing your boat!

Similar to an electric toothbrush, the Magnitone Lucid uses an oscillating brush head to deep clean and exfoliate your skin. There are two settings to choose from, the 'deep clean' setting and the 'sensitive' setting. On first use it is recommended to use it on the sensitive setting and move up to the deep clean if you fancy. Having heard so many mixed reviews on the Clarisonic I have to say, I was a little nervous this kind of exfoliating could do more harm than good, but fancying myself as your guys' own personal guinea pig for all things beauty, I had to give it a go.

And I must say the conclusion is great. I absolutely love using my Magnitone Lucid for cleansing, about once or twice a week. I have congested, oily, uneven(ish) skin and I have found this to be an absolute dream for addressing these specific concerns. I haven't had any irritation or soreness and I definitely haven't experienced any sort of 'skin purging' phase as promised by rival reviews. All I have experienced is squeaky clean skin, reduced pigmentation and a definite difference in the volume of congestion as well as pore appearance around my nose and cheeks.

I've tried a few cleansers with this and for my skin type, I've found gel cleansers have been a definite success, with my favourite being the La Roche Posay Effaclar Purifying Foaming Cleanser.

So is it worth the money? Hell yes, especially as it's currently reduced on Look Fantastic at only £49.99, an absolute bargain when you compare this to the Clarisonic coming in at over £100. The whole thing is also enclosed, making it completely waterproof and able to use in shower. The only thing I'd point out would be to go careful if you do have sensitive or delicate skin and are prone to redness, as it could be a bit hard going, perhaps just stick to problem areas. Other than that, this gets a massive thumbs up from me, as well as Hainsley I should add. For the very few, if any guys that come across this post, I have been having to hide this from Hainsley as he won't stop using it! He even asked if he could 'borrow' it for the week, errrr definitely not love, get your own! (There's a birthday pressie sorted!) I have to say, would it be completely sickening to get him the blue one so we can have some cute his'n'hers skincare...#sorrynotsorry

Would you try the Magnitone Lucid over the Clarisonic? Or have you already got a preference?


Sponsored video | Introducing...Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner...

If there's one thing the beauty blogging community can agree on, it's that when it comes to a juicy promo, Benefit has got it down. There are some brands that just get it, promotion, packaging, product concepts, and Benefit has to be one of them. Pretty much everything new I see of theirs I feel like I have to try. I remember seeing the teasers for their newest launch and feeling so excited at the prospect of what they had up their sleeves!

And of course I haven't been disappointed. If you're reading this blog you can't have failed to notice the hype surrounding Benefit's newest must have makeup goodness, They're Real Push Up Liner. Being a fan of the original mascara, a long time devotee to the winged liner and an advocate of anything push up, this is a product currently on my list of must haves. As I just mentioned, I love a winged liner, but the product that makes the grade has to be long lasting, easy to apply and black...like Dark Knight black. Recently I've really been embracing a sleek wing on a daily basis so I also need the chosen product to be quick and easy to access, comfortable to use and slick to apply.

So with this newest offering being billed as a waterproof, matte black, lash hugging gel liner pen, what isn't to love, a truly black, gel liner...in pen form! No more carting around a brush and lidded glass dish when I'm on the go, this one stop 'push up' pen is the ultimate convenience for us high maintenance makeup mavens...sounds, well as the ad says, #criminallyeasy.

Have you tried the Benefit Push Up Liner yet? I need opinions!

This post is sponsored by Benefit however, all opinions are my own.